Put elite indoor cycling in your living room.
Q200C Exercise Bike
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100% Intensity Workout
100% Intensity Workout

100% Intensity Workout

OVICX’s InfinAdapt™ Magnetic Resistance Drive uses powerful neodymium magnets to surround the Q200 Series’ flywheel in an adjustable magnetic field for total control of your ride.

Customizable Comfort
Customizable Comfort

Customizable Comfort

The OVICX Q200 Series offers 12x seat height adjustments, 7x forward/backward seat positions, and 8x handlebar heights so you can choose the position that best suits your body.

Cage Pedals
Cage Pedals

Cage Pedals

Adjustable aluminum alloy cage pedals prevent slippage and let you pull as well as push so you can get more power from your pedaling.

Fully Enclosed Design
Fully Enclosed Design

Fully Enclosed Design

The Q200 Series’ fully enclosed flywheel puts your bike’s moving parts out of the reach of kids and pets so you can ride worry-free no matter who’s around.

Bullhorn Handlebars
Bullhorn Handlebars

Bullhorn Handlebars

Ergonomically designed for optimal riding comfort and built for maximum stability, these handlebars take the weight off your lower back so you can ride harder for longer.

Real-Time Workout Data
Real-Time Workout Data

Real-Time Workout Data

The Q200C’s multifunction LCD monitor tracks in real-time your distance, speed/RPM, calories, workout time and heart rate so you can see your results with every pedal stroke.

  • 100% Intensity Workout
  • Customizable Comfort
  • Cage Pedals
  • Fully Enclosed Design
  • Bullhorn Handlebars
  • Real-Time Workout Data
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  • LCD Workout Data Monitor



  • Bluetooth Connectivity
Product Size44.72″*22.52″*43.58″ (L*W*H)
Product Weight 82 lbs.
Resistance & Drive SystemInfinAdapt™ Magnetic Resistance System
Quiet Poly-V Belt Drive
Flywheel Weight14.3 lbs.
Flywheel Size15.7”
Display LCD: 2.36”*1.18”; Console: 6.3″*4.33″*1.57″
Workout Metrics RecordedTime, Distance, Cadence, Output, Resistance, Calories Burned
ControlsInfinite Adjustment Variable Magnetic Resistance Knob
Connectivity N/A
Seat & Handlebar Adjustments12x seat height adjustments (33.1″-40.6″)
7x forward/backward seat positions
8x handlebar heights (47.2″-51.6″)
Handlebar StyleCombo Bullhorn/Butterfly/Aero Handlebars with Sweat Resistant, Anti-Slip Coat
Max. Weight243 lbs.
Noise52 dB
Warranty1 year on all parts
Question:What is the scan function on the monitor used for?
It rotates through the different stats so you can see them all.
by Tremblay on May 29, 2020
Question:How much head space do you need? I have a lower ceiling than most. Only about 6' so I don't want my head right up against the ceiling.
Thats should be fine.
by Heather on December 6, 2020
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