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  • Sometimes it’s impossible to see your fitness progress in the mirror, and scales don’t tell the whole story…until now. The OVICX Body Fat Scale gives you a whopping total of 11 readings, including water weight, bone density, lean muscle mass, and visceral as well as subcutaneous fat, so you see your complete body composition picture. And when you download the ScaleUp app on any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet, you can automatically track your fitness journey over time.
  • 11 Essential Body Measurements Make it Easy to Know Your Body
    The OVICX Body Fat Scale measures much more than just weight and body fat. It tracks a whopping total of 9 other metrics: body mass index, bone mineral content, lean muscle mass, water weight, protein mass, visceral fat mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, and subcutaneous fat. Just step on the scale and get a complete picture of your body composition. Knowing your body is the key to transforming your body!
  • Bluetooth®-Enabled for Automatic Data Tracking with App
    The OVICX Body Fat Scale comes equipped with BLE4 Bluetooth® so you can use your smartphone or tablet to download the ScaleUp app, create a profile, and start automatically recording and tracking your transformation. It’s as simple as powering on your phone and stepping on the scale!
  • The Perfect Companion to Your Exercise Journey
    To transform your body, you must know your body. The OVICX Body Fat Scale and ScaleUp app let you track your most important metrics over time so you know whether you need more water or calcium, how your workouts have been building your muscle mass, and when you’ve shredded off some fat. Stepping onto the OVICX Body Fat Scale can be your first step on your fitness journey!