A Runner's Dream Designed especially for Home Use.
OVICX FLEX / C100 Folding Treadmill
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Super-Wide Running Platform
Super-Wide Running Platform

Super-Wide Running Platform

Ever dreamed of a treadmill you could swing your hips on? Probably not, but with this tread you could if you wanted! The nearly 17” super-wide running platform means there’s no need to keep your route perfectly straight and boring. You’ve got room to wander.

Powerful 3.0HP Motor
Powerful 3.0HP Motor

Powerful 3.0HP Motor

With a powerful 3.0 HP ultra-quiet motor, it provides you with a quiet and comfortable sports environment without disturbing others.

Ready to Run Right Out of the Box
Ready to Run Right Out of the Box

Ready to Run Right Out of the Box

You don’t need an engineering degree to put together the tread. In fact, you don’t need anything. Just take it out of the box; unfold it; snap on the tablet/smartphone holder; plug it in and you’re ready to run!

Silkworm® Shock Absorbers
Silkworm® Shock Absorbers

Silkworm® Shock Absorbers

The tread keeps your knees safe while minimizing noise thanks to patented Silkworm® Shock Absorbers. Placed strategically at 6 points along the tread’s frame, they absorb the force of your foot strikes’ – decreasing the impact on your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back – and dampen exercise noise so no one nearby knows how hard you’re working!

Bluetooth® Connectivity
Bluetooth® Connectivity

Bluetooth® Connectivity

You can pair your favorite smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth® enabled device with the tread and – in combination with the OVICX app – keep track of your workouts and measure your progress from one to the next. It’s technology-fueled fitness so you can reach higher goals faster.

Convenient Storage
Convenient Storage

Convenient storage

Foldable Design and Built-in Transport Wheel.

  • Super-Wide Running Platform
  • Powerful 3.0HP Motor
  • Ready to Run Right Out of the Box
  • Silkworm® Shock Absorbers
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Convenient Storage
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Which Fits You More?
Product Size – Folded/OpenFolded: 
Running Surface Size15.98″*41.34″(W*L)
Product Weight 99.21 lbs.
Motor: Continuous & Peak Power1HP / 745W 
Max. Speed8.7 mph
Workout Metrics RecordedSpeed, Time, Calories, Distance
Preset Running ProgramsNONE

Power On & Off, Speed Up & Down, and Program Selection

& Built-in Heart Rate Monitor on Handrail

Max. Weight265 lbs.
Shock Absorbers2x Silkworm® Shock Absorbers
Noise Rating≤70 dB
Warranty1 year for all components



Question:Which color is better?
They are exactly the same except dor the color, so just choose whichever fits your room's color scheme.
by Camila on November 29, 2021
Question:When it'll be available in the U.S. market?
It'll be in stock in 2 weeks or so as they have told me, so by the end of 2021 I guess.
by Jason on December 14, 2021
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