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Biking Classes

Take sturdy, high-quality bikes, add a passionate, encouraging instructor, throw in a curated list of the best music from around the world, and top it off with a positive community of cyclists pushing each other to do their best: that’s an OVICX biking class. The OVICX app gives you access to your choice of live-streaming classes or an inexhaustible archive of pre-recorded workouts so you can pick the instructor you like at the time you like. Whether you’re a beginner, a veteran, or an elite enthusiast, the OVICX app delivers the intensity and environment that’s right for you and your schedule.

Tread Classes

The OVICX app is all about choice, and our tread classes embody that principle. Whether you’re in the mood for a variable-intensity fartlek workout, a steady, challenging run, or you just want to get your steps in for the day, we’ve got the tread classes that will suit you. Join world-class instructors on a journey to better health and wellness; reach your fitness goals faster; and discover a global, motivational community of like-minded runners who will take the trip alongside you. Beginners, veterans, and elite runners alike will find what works for them with live-streaming classes and an endless archive of workouts to match your mood.


The world can be a stressful place. We’ve made the OVICX yoga classes a haven where you can escape, re-energize, and build better mental and physical health. Our yoga classes put top-notch teachers in your living room to help you discover increased flexibility, balance, and strength; to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain; and to build your mind-body connection for better quality of life. Sign up, sign in, and start your journey now.


OVICX Cardio classes help you extend your workout beyond the tread or bike. Get stronger, faster, and fitter with world-class coaches to lead you through a comprehensive calisthenics program. With carefully curated up-tempo playlists and a global community of fellow fitness enthusiasts alongside to encourage you, OVICX Cardio classes puts a VIP group training experience in your living room. Sign up and sign in to blur the line between home and gym today.

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