"Our story starts in 2016 with a few college friends sharing a dinner together. We had all been out of school for a few years and our careers were starting to get better and better, but looking around the table that night we could all see that our health and wellness were headed in the opposite direction. Some of us were having back problems; some of us were increasingly tired; and nearly all of us were overweight to one degree or another. The problem for all of us was the same: there was just no time to get to the gym, and putting gym equipment in our homes seemed impossibly expensive. We didn’t know it that night, but this was the conceptual start of OVICX.

The concept for OVICX took shape gradually and eventually became a mission to help people transform their health and wellness with high quality home exercise equipment that anyone could afford. To deliver on that mission, we’ve had to innovate. A lot of that innovation is easy to see in our products – it’s in the design and technology that make OVICX great – but there’s a lot you can’t see: manufacturing techniques, lean logistics, and creatively designed distribution. Combined, these obvious and invisible innovations help us put the best products in your home at the lowest possible prices.

It’s been a few years, and our goal of helping people transform their health and wellness with affordable home fitness has grown a bit beyond that small group of friends sitting around the dinner table way back when. Today, we sell in 48 countries, have more than 500 employees, have an expanding line of great products, and our fantastic fitness community is growing faster than ever. We hope you can be a part of it. Like we discovered when we first started this adventure: We are stronger together."

Our Mission

OVICX was founded with a simple, 3-part mission: build powerful, premium fitness products, great classes with great coaches, and a global community of like-minded people committed to getting stronger together.

What Makes us Different from Our Competitors?
Great Italian Design
App Integration
Smart Product, Smart Prices
Great Italian Design
With classes that range from 5 to 90 minutes, find a ride for every mood.
App Integration
Show up and ride to your best with live encouragement from top instructors.
Smart Product
Keep your work out fresh with different themes, difficulty levels and music genres.