The OVICX Q100C Bike: What I Bought vs. What I Got

The OVICX Q100C Bike: What I Bought vs. What I Got

I think almost everybody feels me when I say 2020 was not kind to my waistline.

It started with the usual extra pound from holiday parties, followed by my birthday and Valentine’s (which were both great, thank you, but offered too much in the way of tasty temptation), and before anybody knew what was happening my gym was closed and I was stuck on the couch watching Netflix and eating delivery.

By summertime I’d put on more than I want to admit, and I was looking for solutions. Everybody I talked to kept pointing to products that were way out of my price range, especially with what the pandemic was doing to my finances, so I struck out looking on my own.

Thank goodness I did and thank goodness for Google because after a few days of searching, OVICX popped up. I liked their design and specs, and I loved their price. After another couple hours of research I settled on the Q100C.


What I thought I was buying:

  • A decent-looking-enough bike. I liked the grayscale color scheme and modern-looking design.
  • A comfortable-enough bike. The seat looked OK and I saw you could adjust it in a few different ways along with the handlebars and pedals.
  • A simple-enough bike. The website showed off simple controls so I could make my exercise as tough or as easy as I wanted.
  • A smart-enough bike. The central console showed what I wanted to know: time, distance, and calories burned.

What I actually got:

  • A good looking bike. It’s easy to move around and seems to blend into the background when I’m not using it. When I do see it, though, I appreciate it, and whenever a guest notices, they compliment it.
  • A really comfortable bike. It’s really adjustable. The seat, of course, adjusts in height but you can move it backward and forward, too. The handlebar height has 3 settings, and the pedal cages can be made bigger or smaller. Both my hubby and I use it, and it only takes a second to change from his settings to mine.
  • A super-easy-to-use The magnetic resistance system is so easy and fast to use. I only need to give the slightest turn of the knob to change the difficulty. It’s nearly impossible to screw up. I say *nearly* just because I’ve turned it the wrong way a couple of times, making my ride harder or easier than I meant to, but I’m a bit of klutz.
  • A more-than-a-bike bike. My Q100C was delivered on August 22nd, 2020, and I have used it 5-6 days a week every week since then. My pandemic pounds dropped off after the first 3 months, and since the start of 2021 I’ve lost a couple more. That’s just a part of the story, though. The real magic for me has been a confidence boost that I didn’t even know I needed. These days I’m feeling more comfortable in my own skin than I’ve felt in years. My family and friends see it, and I try to pass it on to them by recommending they start their own fitness journey. And this post is me trying to pass it on to you! Do yourself a favor: don’t wait. There’s gold at the end of this rainbow.



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